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52 Ragtop
06-21-2015, 05:57 PM
FIRST, I know there are several threads on this, BUT, since I was asked about it today, here it goes:
1928 Erskine 2 door model 50, (I think) the ring on the rear axle has 2 broken teeth. The ring is riveted to the carrier, and is loose on it, which "may" have caused the 2 teeth to "disengage". Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there is a special puller, the owner has NO shop manual, Any ideas on removal?
This is a true "barn find" parked in 1990, the 94 year old gent that owns it suffered a stroke about 3 weeks ago, and his neighbor is helping getting it running and driving. It now starts and runs sweet! but they heard a "pop" in the rear and discovered 2 teeth missing.
I'm just trying to help them out before they destroy something!
Also any ideas of where to find a ring and pinion???

They already called Joliet Studebaker, and that's how they got my name.