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05-18-2015, 11:27 AM
A number of years ago (15-20?) my cousin Larry Blume gave me a shirt. Larry was a 30 year member of the South Bend police force before retiring and then worked for the University of Notre Dame Security dept until his death. As a consequence, he knew lots of people in the S.B. area. The shirt he gave me was your standard issue golf shirt with a difference. On the left chest area it has embroidered, "Marshall Transport Technologies" and a gold star with the Studebaker lazy "S" logo in the center. On the left sleeve there is another lazy "S" logo (no star this time), with the words Studebaker Corporation. He said the shirt had been given to him by Mr... - I don't remember the name. And I'd forgotten the shirt until I recently found it in a chest.

Anyone have any idea who or what Marshall Transport Technologies is and its connection to Studebaker? I thought those logos were copyright protected.