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05-12-2015, 02:37 AM
http://i691.photobucket.com/albums/vv271/canbstudebakers/DSCN0601_zpspyqatvhw.jpg (http://s691.photobucket.com/user/canbstudebakers/media/DSCN0601_zpspyqatvhw.jpg.html)

Geo. is the main supply person of Studebaker parts in New Zealand, This past week he has been here in the states with me going through 4000 sq. foot building with my Studebaker parts in just picking out items that can be used in the future over in New Zealand. Since their sheet metal does not rust out and they don't let rusty cars get in he really does not need much in the way of sheet metal so he was going into box after box getting items that are hard to find over there, he can always send away for most of these small parts but it take some time getting them and then not cheap so he will have a container with 2 cars and lots of bins filled with odds and ends, also engines, transmissions, and other hard heavy parts. He also can not understand why the people here in the states find it hard to go after the rust free sheet metal when it come up, over there if all he had to do was drive a few thousand to get what he needed he would be a happy camper, in his case he needs to pay a lot for every thing he needs'

After he left yesterday I called and got my hotel reservation for Saint Louis but will only use it if I can pre-sell enough parts to cover my trip and I figure that at about $2500 on the conservative side if not then I will take the easy way out and have a 40 yard metal bin dropped at my front door and clean house. I don't have things for every car and most has some problems but since I have been doing this for a long time all the really good things are long gone. My prices will be good and the delivery will be free at the meet, so take this opportunity to get some still good big items cheaper. If Geo. can travel 6000 miles across water to get things then people here in the states can do the same a lot easier, let me know with a PM or e-mail candbstudebakers@sbcglobal.net or by phone 510-266-2522 Bob

05-12-2015, 07:56 AM
:) Welcome to the 'States, George. :!:

What is the name of his Studebaker Parts Enterprise in New Zealand? :cool: BP

05-12-2015, 08:06 AM
We met George at the Colorado meet, very nice man.

05-12-2015, 09:01 AM
Hi George,
Sounds to me like you are an important man all over the world :)

Joe H

05-12-2015, 09:22 AM
I'm jealous. I want to spend some time at Bob P's, too. Hang in there, Bob. I'll retire in two more years.

05-12-2015, 10:24 AM
I'm jealous. I want to spend some time at Bob P's, too. Hang in there, Bob. I'll retire in two more years.

Dave your always welcome we do have a room for Studebaker people.