View Full Version : '51 Champion Front Bumper Change

04-12-2015, 06:13 PM
i posted this earlier today on "Facebook", but i know a lot of folks here don't "do" FB. comments welcome...:)

I finally got around to removing the "Front Deluxtyle Cross Bar" from the '51. I think i like it better since it shows off the grilles better. It also matches the rear bumper guards. I never was a big fan of the upper bumper guards, but i can live with this. What do you think? Pics: Now, Before and Rear. Forgive the "dust", it's still pine pollen season here. : (


04-12-2015, 07:52 PM
Looks great either way to me!

04-12-2015, 08:34 PM
I for one like the full bumpers with extras - get rid of the front plate - and we need to get a posse together and find out who had the nerve to remove the front visor .

04-12-2015, 08:56 PM
yeah, i'd love to have the visor and the red '52 steering wheel that was on her a few years ago.:(

04-12-2015, 09:53 PM
Tom sold the visor when he still owned the car. He had an NOS one that he was going to have painted and put on, but that never happened. I never understood his reasoning, there wasn't anything wrong with the one on the car.

The steering wheel ended up with his widow.

It looks good without the crossbar. It'd probably look good without the side guards, too.

dean pearson
04-12-2015, 11:05 PM
For me in the front all or nothing. The rear just the bumper. Those rear corners look too big.
I'm a big fan of the visor.


04-13-2015, 03:28 PM
I like it.

I wonder how long it will take that propeller vibration to tear up the plastic bullet. The propeller that I have is way out of balance and vibrates like crazy. Fortunately the 50 has a metal bullet.

04-13-2015, 06:27 PM
I'm not a big fan of those additional upper bars. I prefer just the bumpers with the verticals. Then again you can do whatever you want to your car. You're really not making a mistake if it pleases you.