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Jeff T.
03-05-2015, 09:34 AM
Can you use a 65-66 automatic in any other Studebaker in a pinch? I have a 66 V8 model and need to bolt an automatic to an engine as a place holder while I finish the engine/transmission that will go in a truck I am building.

03-05-2015, 12:02 PM
You would have to use the Studebaker torque converter, and bellhousing. Even then. I'm not sure the rest will be the same. Later Borg-Warners used different throttle pressure controls, which would have to be adapted to the Stude engine also.

03-05-2015, 12:04 PM
65-66 Auto should be a B/W 35 same as most going back to the DGs. But if you are bolting it to another Stude engine, all should be OK if that engine has a flex plate on it. If it has a flywheel as with a manual trans, the bolts on the crank will be too long and get in the way of the torque converter.

03-05-2015, 04:46 PM
65-66 Auto should be a B/W 35 same as most going back to the DGs. But if you are bolting it to another Stude engine, all should be OK if that engine has a flex plate on it.

Potential point for confusion here. If the Transmission is a 65-66 then the bellhousing/TQ convertor (as eluded in post #2) is for a CHEVY engine. When you say you have a "66 model" are you referring to the transmission only, or are you referring to a whole '66 Studebaker (which also should have a Chevy engine)?

As best I can decipher (and thus answer) you have a Studebaker truck (thus, pre-'65-66.). That being the case you should have a Studebaker engine in the truck. The '66 transmission will not directly bolt up because the belhousing/TQ convertor are designed for the Chevy engine. So, if I have extrapolated correctly, the answer is, "No, not with the the bellhousing/TQ convertor original to the '66 transmission." If, you have the needed STUDEBAKER parts then I'd say probably. I'm no expert in that area and others would have to properly advise you. As already mentioned in post #2 (again) I can confirm the throttle pressure control is different as well.

Jeff T.
03-05-2015, 06:30 PM
Sorry for any confusion

I have a lot of loose parts lying around. I am working on a 259 for my Lark to replace the six/auto drive train. I am also working to get a Champ project in one piece in the event I have to move it. The existing Lark six/auto eventually will go in the Champ.

In the event that the 259 gets put back on the back burner, I have a spare 1964 six on a stand and a number of automatics with one of them being a from a 66 sedan, which may be the best of a bad lot. I have Studebaker bellhousings and other parts to bolt them together and I am very aware of the cable for throttle pressure. I guess what I was trying to ask in my rushed manner is that if I bolted everything together would it work good enough to at least crawl in and out of the garage:)

The moral of the story is do not try to compose a coherent post when you are running around in the morning working to get everyone going for the day:)

03-06-2015, 02:51 AM
Wow that is an interesting collection! It sounds like you have both 6's and 8's, that will be a problem if you try to mix any of their parts as none interchange.

Also you probably know that any of these rigs that you plan to put on the street, will need their Bell Housings dialed-in to the centerline of the Crankshafts.

I am sure if you choose the correct parts from your 'stash' you can make a Yard Dog out of one, so go for it!

I happen to hate doing things twice, so that is not something I would do or recommend.

Are you really SURE you want a 6 in a Champ Truck? That does make a very poor driver because it is so underpowered that a load in or behind the Truck is almost not possible.