View Full Version : T96 OD Trans

09-28-2006, 10:34 AM
I need some help and or suggestions for a glich in said trans. The trans is a pre 55 car trans installed in an M5. It has side shirt rods and was converted to top load, using the stock floor shift. The problem is; it jumps out of third gear at deceleration, in a pull it stays in or out of OD. Before I go takin floor out and trying to find an adjustment on the second and third gear rail, I'd like to know if it is in fact adjustable or if this a result of having been converted to top load. It was purchased with this trans in it, so we have no history on the why and how. It's a show quality truck and the owner is adament about everything working correctly, as I am. I have purchased a early fifties T96 and am gonna have a look inside it before doing anything on the truck trans. I'm thanking all in advance.

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