View Full Version : EX-23 Carburretor help

12-12-2014, 03:20 PM
I took the EX-23 Carb to Daytona parts; it is out of the 1935 Dictator that has a 1936 motor. Daytona was going to rebuilt it but the carburetor is missing, at least, several external linkage parts and has asked if I could find a "usable" 1936 EX-23 core. Based on efforts to find other parts for this car, it is doubtful but worth a try. If anyone has a usable core, let me know how much, and take pictures showing the linkage to make sure it has the needed parts. I always try to restore to original but failing the missing parts that may not be possible. The alternative is to install a new "universal" 1bbl carburetor that they had made in Argentina. It is significantly different in appearance, costs less than re-build, and performs well on many other cars. I will not be able to check clearance measurements until the Spring time. There are, possibly, some performance advantages in use of their carb, but it is preferred to rebuild the EX-23. If anyone has installed this universal 1bbl on a Studebaker flat head 6 let me know how it went. It is about one half as high as the EX-23 and is painfully obvious that it is not "original". In the meantime Daytona will see if any of their sources can come up with a core but he did not sound very confident. Ken, usually in Deltaville, Va