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11-26-2014, 10:47 AM
I have been looking at several V8 fuel pumps and there are several part numbers for these pumps that run in to each other. One style is very squatty with out a spacer and the bowl is attached directly to the pump assembly with the inlet in the bowl. The second type has a spacer section directly under the pump assembly with the inlet in the spacer with a somewhat larger bowl. The spacer has two holes to accommodate a bail for glass sediment bowl. The squatty style appears to fit the V8 the best as it allows considerable clearance for the steering arm. The style with the spacer will fit however there is very limited clearance between the steering arm's grease nipple and the acorn nut holding the bowl. These pumps have different styles however the part numbers are interfaced. They will fit however the clearance is very close. I have a pump with the acorn nut bashed in, and I couldn't figure out what caused it until I turned the steering hard left and the grease nipple came in contact with the nut. Option "A" replace the acorn nut with a conventional nut, option "B" lift the engine 1/4" with washers under the mounts.

11-26-2014, 01:53 PM
Or Option "C" replace the flattened Front Engine Mounts.

It is very easy to spot a "Good Carter " Pump because all of the edges, corners like the "tower" on top have very rounded edges, unlike the AC clone Airtex with sharp edges, corners.

Also the Carter will have a 3 sided open channel actuator Lever, not a riveted laminated plate one.

A very Old stock AC or Airtex clone will be deeper & have an acorn nut on the bottom, if it has a New Ethanol resistant Repair Kit recently installed it may be the better of the AC types because there may be a Filter in the bottom.