View Full Version : Hey, Jack London owned Studebakers!

11-25-2014, 03:11 PM
Well, at least one anyway... A friend posted this on the Recreational Equine Driving list today:

Finally, the four horses were hitched to the rig--a light Studebaker trap. With two hours and a half of practice, in which the excitement was not abated by several jack-poles and numerous kicking matches, I announced myself as ready for the start.

We don't mix with gasolene very well. And, as true sailors should, we naturally gravitate toward horses. Being one of those lucky individuals who carries his office under his hat, I should have to take a typewriter and a load of books along. This put saddle-horses out of the running. Charmian suggested driving a span. She had faith in me; besides, she could drive a span herself. But when I thought of the many mountains to cross, and of crossing them for three months with a poor tired span, I vetoed the proposition and said we'd have to come back to gasolene after all. This she vetoed just as emphatically, and a deadlock obtained until I received inspiration."Why not drive four horses?" I said.

LOL, and so the hilarious adventure begins. A cross between Life With Father and The Long, Long trailer.39502 ?I wonder if that trap survives...