View Full Version : Need recommendations for radiator shop, paint stripping services in Houston, Dallas, East Texas

11-15-2014, 12:18 PM
I have gotten to the point where I have the front clip for my '37 President all disassembled and ready for restoration. I need to have the radiator checked out and repaired as neccessary. When I did the restoration on the '37 Coupe-express I used a local radiator shop and was not impressed with the work.

Do any members have a recommendation for radiator shops in Houston, Dallas, or anywhere in east Texas that know how and will take the time and care to get an older radiator in tip-top shape?

At the same time I'd like to know if anyone knows if there are any more Redi-strip franchises in the same area? I'm using a brand name here, but any place that uses chemical dip tanks to remove paint is what I need. I'd really rather not take the grill completely apart on this car and it's tough to protect the stainless strips on the louvers when I either bead blast or sandblast. Every issue of Hemmings used to have ads for these places all over the country, but I suspect the problems of disposal of wastes and hassles of regulation probably took most of them out.

I'd just like to find places that I can drive to in a day's time rather than shipping these parts. Thanks. Tom