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10-05-2014, 06:09 PM
I was 15 and not old enough to have a drivers license, it was 1965 and a friend gave me a 41 Studebaker 1/2 ton with pieces of what was leaved of the motor in the back bed.
I cut fire wood and saved up $35.00 and with all that money bought a 1948 Studebaker Champion, Body wise it was in far better shape then the truck which was will used and abused by the time I got it. But living in the country having a truck was fair more appealing to me. So I destroyed this in far better condition sedan and put it's motor in my truck.
One Problem I couldn't get it to run after getting it together , This was a great project as far as my Mom was concerned , I'd be home every day after school working on it and she figured I'd never get it running and she knew where I was every day.
One day I was mowing the lawn and the mower wouldn't start . I found it needed a new spark plug so I stole one out of the Studebaker the mower would start then quit as soon as it started to warm up ? I found another plug laying around in the shop and put it in and it ran fine. So I got to thinking about the plug I took out of the Studebaker and looked around and found 6 old plugs laying in the shop and changed them. the plugs that were in it were at the time no gap lifetime guaranteed plugs that were always advertised in the car magazines back in the 60's.
WILL IT HAD TO HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER, much to my Mom's dismay she could hear something running in the back yard.
Lucky for me back then there were no Cop's on our end of the county, I started hauling fire wood with it so my Dad had no problem my driving it seeing I was bringing wood home for our stove to heat the house.
Since then looking for parts for this poor old rusty beater, I meant my years later to happen future Father in law, who was a Studebaker and Hudson lover and had parts I needed from time to time, And that was how I meant my future wife.
My Father in law passed away some years ago now and my son inherited his 53 Studebaker Pickup . which sparked an interest in going out and buying some more for parts now we have between the two of us 7 Studebakers . He drives his to work every day. And me being retired I drive my 58 1/2 ton when ever I have the mind to.
For those of you that aren't that familiar with Studebaker They were in Business 1852 to 1966 starting out as a black smith shop 4 brothers build wagons in South Bend Indiana and were the only company to survive going from wagons to Automobile's . Abe Lincoln Rode in a Studebaker Carriage when he was President . And Studebaker was international with plants in other country's such as Canada and Australia and sold their cars and trucks all over the world.

10-05-2014, 11:38 PM
In 1965 I turned 16 in Spokane and bought a 1952 Studebaker Commander 4 door. The freedom that came with that car was amazing, it never let me down.