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09-30-2014, 10:48 AM
One of our chapter members who goes by bhapner on the forum is working on a 63 GT Hawk. I was in his area yesterday and went by to see him and look at the car. He bought the car in Colorado a few years ago and, although it looked nice and was drivable, it had issues below the surface. He said that when he unbolted the bell housing mounts from the bell housing they fell in the floor. They were broken and not providing much support. The floors had been patched with sheet metal and roofing tar and there was rust in the deck lid,trunk corners and a few other spots. He bought a wire welder and has done some excellent work on his car. He doesn't usually post pictures, so I thought that I would.
Bob has just gotten his block back from the machine shop where it was bored .030 over and the crank, cam, etc. are ready to go.
Also of note were the Volarie 7x15 wheels he has on the back of the car. Compared to the front wheels they look reversed and give an aggressive look. I suggested he not use wheel covers for a hot rod look.
The work is slow, but he is enjoying it. I know if it turns out as nice as the Lark he did some years back, it will be a nice car.

09-30-2014, 10:54 AM
:!: 'Looks good, Howard. Thanks for the report and pics. :cool: BP

09-30-2014, 03:22 PM
I like the gold. Now people will correct when they call it a Golden Hawk. cheers jimmijim

09-30-2014, 05:15 PM
Bob is not keen on the gold. The car was originally a much paler color, but the exterior was repainted at some time. Bob hasn't made a decision on the final color.

09-30-2014, 05:16 PM
I also like the gold.
About the rear wheels; I put a MoPar rear end (from a Volare) on my car & to use the Volare wheels I had to pull a bit on the wheel-openings -easy done- to make'em fit...