View Full Version : Brakes: 1960 Lark VI parking brake arm, rear drum

06-30-2014, 12:54 AM
I'm certainly not concerned about pulling rear drums on my Lark anymore. I'm on removal #3 this past week, and should be the last time, should be. I noticed this last time, that the parking brake arm, in the rear drum is not placed as is shown in the manual.

The manual shows (in two different photos), the parking brake actuator arm between the backing plate and the shoe. My wagon has the arm between the shoe and the drum and the way the arm was setting, it looked askew enough it caused me to double check the manual. They are marked L and R and are properly placed otherwise. Was this some sort of engineering Six vs, Eight decision? I had thought they were put in wrong, looking at the manual, but I couldn't figure out how else they rested. Another club member came by and confirmed that, on the Sixes, these arms were set on the top of the shoe instead of the back of it.

I have a shim removal to adjust some excess endplay, and then, I'm hoping that should be the last time into these buggers and just the bleeding and adjustment after the wheels are back on the ground. I do have the brake actuator wedge pointing forward on both drums, it's confusing in that placing that properly means you see the arrow on one side of the car, but not the other when you install that piece correctly! :(

I'd appreciate any comments about members' routines when it comes to adjusting brakes and such after bleeding and getting into the drums on their cars.