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06-21-2014, 10:46 PM
There was a time, when I would probably be at any Studebaker meet come hell or high water. However, I'm getting older, have learned that life is not "all about me.":rolleyes: Not everyone around me shares my passion for these old cars, and I have realized that I have to be more aware of the needs of others. This year, I have attempted to keep the grass cut, do a bit of landscaping, grow a garden and care for the animals we keep. In addition, due to some irresponsible family members, my wife and I have had to step up and increase our caretaker responsibilities for my 93 year-old mother.

The Studebakers have had to take a back seat for most of this year.:( This week, between the daily thunderstorms, I managed to fire up three Studebakers. So far, no serious problems from the long period of sitting.:) Charged the batteries (replaced one), topped off the brake fluid, changed some oil, primed the carburetors, and fired them up. Yesterday, I got a chance to wash them. It is amazing how much pollen, bee droppings, spider webs, and cat tracks can accumulate from about three months of languishing in my man cave. :ohmy:

This morning, I was up early, and pulled the '48 Coupe out on the driveway. I was about to head down the driveway for the five mile trip for some fresh gas. That was until I thought about checking the tag. Well...it is good until the end of August. So...off I went.:) First time in months, overdrive kicks in perfectly. I hit the play button on my cheap little special sound system. It is a battery powered portable CD player. I have it wired to an equally cheap Radio Shack amplified speaker. I have modified that speaker with jacks to run another speaker hidden behind the grille. So...I ease up to the gas pumps with Glen Miller period correct "Big Band" music emanating from the car.:)

As I'm filling the tank, a guy pulls up and excitedly rushes over. "I know you've modified it! Looks great!" "Nope, it is just like it came from the factory." I replied.
By this time, I have determined there's probably some medication at work here.:oops: "Let me guess," he exclaimed..."49 Ford?" "Nope...it is a 1948 Studebaker Business Coupe." I answered. Well...there was a kind of awkward silence as the poor fella attempted to regroup and carry the conversation forward.:confused: "Man, you don't see many Studebakers anymore." "Well, I have several." "Oh really?" "Hey...you need any help working on them?" "I'm a disabled Vet and could come help you anytime you need." I look over at his vehicle and notice his wife, smiling, and, I think, a little embarrassed. :o(I think she knew the medication was at work too.) I let him know that I am also a veteran with service related disability. Thanked him for his service and the offer to help me. I also had to tell him that, for now, I didn't have a lot to do on the cars. I finished pumping my gas, shook his hand and headed home.

Today, we had a state chapter meet at about 80 miles from home, but since it is so hot (90's), the cars have not been "road-tested," and those unpredictable thunderstorms...I decided to fore-go the meet in favor of other responsibilities.

After mowing some grass, plowing, weeding the garden, picking some squash, and taking care of the hens...I staggered into the house for a well deserved shower. It was getting close to 5 PM when I remembered a local cruise-in. I fired up the coupe once again and drove to the "Lil' Rebel" Restaurant only to find all the good parking places taken. A huge crowd of every kind of vintage car imaginable...'cept Studebakers. I got a bunch of thumbs up, looks, and good comments as I circled the lot and left. Next time...I should know to get there earlier. After pulling away from the crowded cruise-in, I took a loooong shortcut (I call 'em Studebaker short cuts) home. Except for some front suspension wiggle (letting me know I need to finish replacing those tie rod ends ) the car performed great in the heat. I arrived back home in less than an hour after leaving. No thunderstorms encountered today. The Studebakers are safely tucked away again. :)

I'm tired, it's bedtime, but...all in all...a good Studebaker day.:!:

06-22-2014, 06:37 AM
Good read John, thanks for posting.

06-22-2014, 07:20 AM
John: You have convicted me. I stand Guilty as Charged.

'Missed yesterday's Indy Chapter SDC Meeting and eating at noon because we were babysitting the grandchildren about 40 miles north, with their activities to attend to in the course of the day. Thoroughly enjoyable.

'Came home to Brownsburg around 7:45 PM. 'Went past the K-Mart parking lot about that time and suddenly remembered the every-Saturday-night informal cruise-in on that lot. 'Looked over as we passed by and 'sure enough, there were a couple dozen cars there, including friend Howe Clark's pretty, black 1962 Daytona convertible with factory 4-speed.

'Thought about going home and getting a Studebaker out and heading back up, but rationalized that the event usually breaks up about 8:30 and I would be there only a few minutes before it broke up anyway, so continued home with no plans to return in a Studebaker.

Then I read your story this morning and realize I was supposed to have done that! :ohmy: :ohmy: Gulp. :cool: BP

06-22-2014, 08:03 PM
Great story of a Great Studebaker Day. I have missed the weakly Cruise-in held around here so far this year. Hopefully I'll make it before the summer is out.

06-22-2014, 08:21 PM
Well...I was able to carry a bit of yesterday's enjoyment into today. I managed to get up and out early enough to drive the Coupe to our early morning church service and Sunday School.:) Made it back home in time to get the car back under a roof before the heat of the day could bake it.:!:

06-23-2014, 05:51 AM
An enjoyable read - thanks for taking the time to type it in!


06-23-2014, 08:44 AM
Good reading John & Bob thanks.

06-23-2014, 09:36 AM
A good read. Your story convinced me to drive the Studebaker on my errands today. I might as well show the car off as my Dodge pickup doesn't have air conditioning either.

06-23-2014, 08:12 PM
John, I also had a really good Studebaker weekend. Some of my colleagues entered a pig cookoff in Efland, NC (the annual Hog Day). While I am no cook, they asked if I would haul the cooker with Stuey. Of course I was happy to do so, delivering the goods on Friday and collecting it back on Saturday afternoon. There was even a car show as part of the festivities. I decided to save the $20 and not enter the truck as the showing was fairly sparse, but I still got plenty of looks and thumbs-ups. One fashion photographer even did an impromptu shoot with him! I must have put close to a couple hundred miles on Stuey after returning the cooker today, with only one brief episode of "vapor lock" sputtering late this afternoon. Yup, a fine Studebaker weekend. :)
Oh, almost forgot: we finished fourth in the rib competition and 7th in whole hog out of 20 teams. Not bad for a bunch of rookies and a 50-year-old 8E7.