View Full Version : Quick plug for SDC meet this Sunday, Rockwood, Ontario

Steve T
06-13-2014, 11:53 AM
Hi all--

Hamilton Chapter folks are already aware, but in case anyone else might be interested...the monthly meeting of the Hamilton Chapter is a little different this time, we'll be getting together about 10am at the Halton County Radial Railway Museum (collection of operational vintage streetcars) in Rockwood, Ontario, north of Burlington. Weather probs are good and we're hoping for a nice turnout of Studebakers to add to the display of classic transit vehicles already at the museum on the day. Here's the URL for the HCRRM...


I'll be posting pix afterward of course. Going to be a busy Stude weekend for me, as besides the SDC meeting and at least one cruise on Sunday, I've got an air show and three car events planned for Saturday!


06-13-2014, 03:09 PM
Good luck and have fun, Steve! I'll be staying close to home but my Stude will be at the road turning heads. Fly the flag!