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Bill Pressler
06-01-2014, 01:33 PM
Sat. July 5 Greenville, PA Car Show--Beautify this small-town Main St. with a Studebaker!!

Greenville is in NW PA, less than ten miles east of the Ohio line. The show is on its Main Street. Population of the borough is 5,900. We'd like Studes to congregate at the east end of Main St., in front of Shelly Memorials (owned by SDC members Harley and Darlene Cook). Their air-conditioned showroom, and restrooms, will be available for Stude owners. Also, Darlene will have access for us to go through the Gibson House next door, owned by the Eagles Club and slowly being refurbished. It's a grand 1881 house that had been a funeral home when I was a kid in Greenville.

No registration fee.

Room for 400+ vehicles. 325 registrations last year.

Free event tee shirt to first 175 registrations, and 175 bottles of "Super Cruise" wine will be given out to registered particpants--drawing starts at 4:30.

Three DJ's

50/50 drawing

Shuttle rides to Heritage Days events in Riverside Park, the Erie Canal Museum, the Greenville Historical Society Museum, and the Greenville Railroad Museum and Park. (Museums are smallish but nice for a little town!)

Grand prize: Artist's drawing of your car, Mechanic's Jacket, and your car on next year's event tee shirt!

"Official" time of the show is 2-6 p.m., but in past years cars start showing up at noon...or earlier!

Greenville is at the intersection of PA routes 18, 358, and 58. Just seven miles south, down the road, from U.S. Route 322, and ten miles west of U.S. Route 19.

Home of Thiel College.

For further information, please send me (Bill Pressler) a message here or a PM on the SDC forum site.

Thanks so much--hope to see some Studies!

Here are a couple of links to pics of recent prior years' shows there:


Bill Pressler
06-28-2014, 01:42 PM

We are attempting to put Studebakers together at the eastern-end of Main St. Main St. will be blocked so if you come into town from the west, go one block left of Main St. (north) and onto Shenango St., take it 'til it intersects College Avenue, turn right, go one short block and look for Shelly Memorial where we'll congregate. Any questions, call me at 330-221-5904 or ask here and I'll be glad to answer!

Bill Pressler
07-02-2014, 08:32 AM
Final bump, thanks!

Bill Pressler
07-06-2014, 07:41 PM
Thanks to the 13 Studes and their owners who showed up at the Greenville show yesterday; it was a total success! At around 3 p.m. I registered for some friends of ours who had driven up from a little north of Pittsburgh in their '56 President (Pat and Elinor Musta), and their car was number 442 registered! Perfect weather and small-town Main Street never looked better! My sister who lives in town kept the list of cars and owners so I'm going from memory, but thanks to Pat and Elinor, Don Borger and his wife (New Castle, PA) in their Super Red '63 GT R-1, George Vranich (Brookfield, OH) in his stunning white and light yellow '56 Golden Hawk (amazingly, George knew my Dad in the USMC Reserves! Small world!), Ed Davies (Akron, OH) in his black '64 Daytona convertible, Ted Hurd (Streetsboro, OH) in his white '61 Lark VIII Regal convertible, Joe Kastellec (Geneva, OH) in his buckskin '74 Avanti II, Ken McFeaters (Sharon, PA) in his very cool modified '50 Champion 2-door sedan (Ken used to bring a stock '50 Land Cruiser to the show), Stu Moody (Butler, PA) in his gold-with-orange-interior '63 Avanti, Jim Kistler (Cortland, OH) in his white '64 Avanti R-2, a fellow I didn't know in his '29 Stude hot rod, and a lady whose name I didn't catch, in her '60 Lark modified. I'm told there was also a '63 Lark sedan present but sadly I missed seeing this car. Oh, and my sister and BIL's yellow '49 Champion convertible. I'm glad you all came. Thanks again!

Dave Bates
07-07-2014, 03:58 PM
Looks like a great turnout of Studes.

Bill Pressler
07-07-2014, 05:51 PM
Looks like a great turnout of Studes.

It was, Dave. I wasn't overly optimistic, with Dover being that week and it also being a long July 4 weekend, but one couldn't have custom-ordered better weather and everything went very well. As a side thing for me, my high-school class had a coffee in the morning for those in the area and we got 17 to show up--several folks from as far away as California were back in the area to visit (our total class size 38 years ago was 201). I saw old family friends during the day, and also the Filer family, Greenville's Stude dealer for over 40 years, came back for the weekend. Filer's Service Manager and another mechanic were present too. Everything went just great.

07-07-2014, 07:33 PM
Had a great time. My wife really enjoyed the tour of the haunted house. Hope to attend again next year

07-07-2014, 07:41 PM
Had a great time. My wife really enjoyed the tour of the haunted house.

What? Bill Pressler's homestead was open for tours? :cool: BP

Bill Pressler
07-08-2014, 05:01 AM
What? Bill Pressler's homestead was open for tours? :cool: BP

Not quite Bob, but both my boyhood homes were within walking distance! LOL

Stu, probably see you at Summit, but see you at Greenville next year too!

Bill Pressler
07-10-2014, 06:39 PM
Dave Bates, BTW, in Greenville I saw and visited with Chub Eddy, the fellow who bought the new '64 black Cruiser R2 with complete Super package, Powershift trans, red cloth buckets--the car you remember seeing on Dart's used car lot way back when and I never saw--I wish I would have seen it! I'd love to find it now.