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05-03-2014, 08:06 PM
A gas tank plug is a mixed blessing.
I confess that I have not treated my '53k well in recent years. It hasn't been on the road for a few years and sometimes I don't even get around to starting it every year. Last fall I had to move my cars out of the barn to start cleaning it in preparation to selling the place. So, the '53, the Wagonaire (also abused), and both Avantis got started and moved. The '53 actually started fairly easily for having set so long. Anyhow, before I could get the cars back to their berths, winter happened. Now, I'm ready to take 53k back to its usual place, but, since I had no idea how old the gasoline was in the car, I decided to drain the tank and give her a few gallons of brand new fresh 100% gasoline (no ethanol). It seemed like the tank was very near empty because I couldn't get my hand-held pump to suck up any when I ran the tube down her filler. So, I decided to just loosen the tank plug and let the gas run in to an empty 2 1/2 gallon can that was flat enough to fit under the drain. So, I use my 1/4" drive ratchet to loosen the plug. Too slow, let's loosen it some more. Still too slow, let's go one more turn. Kerplunk! The plug got away from me and went right in to that can and the can kept filling vigorously. Can't yell for help. The wife won't hear me from the house. So, with the gas flowing I run around looking for another container that will fit under the tank. No Joy. I did find a two-gallon "safety can" but it's too tall. About then the first can starts overflowing so I dragged it away and jammed the new can under the drain at an angle and then had to hold it under the flow. About then it started to rain and even though I was under the edge of the roof... Finally the gas stopped flowing just before that can was filled too. So now, I have to figure out a way to retrieve that plug from the first can and reinstall the plug then treat her to some new gas. Ironically, the gas that I drained didn't smell stale and it looked good. Maybe that's because it was pre-unleaded gas and definitely pre-ethanol polluted gas.

05-03-2014, 09:51 PM
LOL! Good to know I'm not the only one who shares that sorta "luck", Paul.

05-04-2014, 01:54 PM
Sounds like my type of machanics. Try to get the plug with a magnet. I keep 3-4 of them around just for that reason!!

05-04-2014, 07:43 PM
Sounds like my type of machanics. Try to get the plug with a magnet. I keep 3-4 of them around just for that reason!!
Yes. I tried my magnet too, but the gas can was metal so it kept grabbing the bottom of the can. I went ahead and poured the gas in to a five-gallon can using a strainer in the funnel. That little sucker was the last thing out of the first can, but it sure was clean from its overnight gasoline bath. Installed the clean plug, poured five gallons of gas in the tank and the '53 started and ran happily on the new gas, but the day wasn't over yet. I had to put three cars in just the right sequence in the barn which meant getting the Daytona Wagonaire out to put the '53 in front of it. That meant moving a bunch of garbage that had somehow moved in to the '53 space. Then went to start the Daytona and the battery I had just charged yesterday was dead and gone- couldn't even jump it. So, I pulled the Avanti in on the right side space, removed its battery and installed it in the Wagonaire. Got the Wagonaire started and out, pulled the '53 in and brought the Wagonaire in behind it and closed the barn door.