View Full Version : Beware of non-paying bidder on Ebay

09-24-2006, 08:19 PM
Beware of this non-paying bidder on ebay "joeiebbb". In august he bid on a studebaker showroom banner and i emailed him 8 or 10 times. I got his contact information off of ebay, got his phone number and called him, after he had also bid on a studebaker zip van i had on ebay as well. I asked him about paying for the banner, he said he was at work and would have to call me back and also did not have the money right to pay for the banner. Then i proceeded to ask him why he was bidding on the zip van (priced about $1,200) i had on ebay at the same time.He then told he would have to get back with me without giving any explanation to why he was bidding on something for $1,200 when he didnt have the money to pay for a 75 dollar item. I turned him into ebay and filed a dispute, after 7 days of him not getting back to me, i blocked his bidding privelages on my items and gave him negative feedback. At that time i also found out he bid on a different sellers studebaker item for less than a dollar and won that auction and did not pay for that item under 1 dollar. Please be careful if this gentlman if this gentleman is bidding on your studebaker items.