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02-03-2014, 03:24 PM
OMG; you mean there's a little more "Studebaker" to the original Whistler story? :woot:

Yes there is. :!:

Here's the clipping from the original [I] CARS magazine; summer 1963. 'Most everyone here has seen this before:

http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss155/BobPalma/whistlermagphoto_zps06ca9453.jpg (http://s571.photobucket.com/user/BobPalma/media/whistlermagphoto_zps06ca9453.jpg.html)

But here's a copy of that photo before I cropped it in my Photobucket account:

http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss155/BobPalma/63whistlerorig_zpsc5778f7f.jpg (http://s571.photobucket.com/user/BobPalma/media/63whistlerorig_zpsc5778f7f.jpg.html)

Note the seemingly-useless little tab above the caption. Now why would any Studebaker enthusiast have left a little tab above The Whistler's caption when clipping the magazine?

Here's your answer: Look at what's on the other side of that Whistler photograph in the magazine!

Now you know why the little tab was left above The Whistler's photo caption, so we'd all know about a guy named Bob Manion over 50 years later:

http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss155/BobPalma/60larkmanion_zps7acb4087.jpg (http://s571.photobucket.com/user/BobPalma/media/60larkmanion_zps7acb4087.jpg.html)

Man, talk about "Love that Lark:" I just LOVE that photo of Bob Manion's little Lark; what a great launch and wonderful stance right off the line...and Bob looks like he's really "gittin' 'er done" as he prepares to shift! ...and the guy has such a distinctive first name for a Studebaker enthusiast! :whome:

Does anyone know Bob Manion? :confused: Wouldn't it be great if his little 289-powered AHRA Sportsman Lark was sitting 'round back of his house somewhere in Kansas and he could regale us on the forum with more information about it? :) BP

02-03-2014, 04:21 PM
I love the homemade solid traction bars..


Also, you can tell a lot about the car when it can do this to a tire at launch!