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02-01-2014, 03:00 PM

I ran across this 1963 GT Hawk on Ebay. It appears all the Pot Metal is painted on this example. (Grill shell, Tail light housing, Headlight rims & Parking light housing).


I know the parking light housing and headlight rims were painted. But never saw the Grill shell and tail light housing painted. Was this an option, from the factory. Or is this something the owner did? It's listed as original, anyhow, it looks quite nice.

02-01-2014, 03:08 PM
It does look nice, and the treatment comes off well in black.

But your suspicions are correect: The grille shell and side grille inserts have been blacked out where they would normally be shiny (the mesh part of the side grilles, that is.)

On the rear, they either removed the deck lid overlay for a unique appearance or it was sufficiently damaged that they thought it looked better without it because they couldn't find (or afford!) a good one. :) BP

Jessie J.
02-01-2014, 04:49 PM
Never realized it would look that good with a painted grill shell. If I didn't know better I'd think it was factory.
Like to see this color matched to a red or blue Hawk, or my favorite, Jet Green.

E. Davis
02-01-2014, 04:50 PM
I was watching an episode of "Counting Cars" on TV the other night and they were blacking out a lot of the chrome on a Ford they were redoing. Not my cup of tea but I guess its the new thing on the west coast along with the satin paint jobs.

mike cenit
02-01-2014, 05:53 PM
The painted grille shell and side parking light area really gives the GT a contemporary look. I'm glad they didn't paint the bumpers.

02-01-2014, 06:18 PM
I also agree it looks good with the body color grille and surround. And leaving a thin chrome outline on the front perimeter of the collar really makes it stand out. Too bad they didn't paint all the SuperHawks like that!


02-01-2014, 07:17 PM
At the cost of having things rechromed today I can see why this was done. You can have it painted for so much less.

02-01-2014, 08:55 PM
Dang that is one sexy hawk! :!:

63 R2 Hawk
02-01-2014, 09:02 PM
"62 & '63 Hawk taillights were painted, '64s weren't IIRC. The cost of PROPERLY rechroming a GT grill shell is exorbitant, the '64 is a little easier because it doesn't have the embossed pebbly hawk detail on the top that most chrome shops destroy.

02-01-2014, 09:59 PM
"Night Hawk Edition" Looks Great!

02-01-2014, 10:02 PM
I like it


02-02-2014, 12:47 AM
That does have a good look to it, but I would ditch those Bumper Guards, the correct Guards look Great on '64 Daytona's but not so much on GT Hawks. Night Hawk, I like that, it FITS!

02-02-2014, 01:46 AM
It really does stand out to us that know the difference but does also look very good , but any color other than black might not.

02-02-2014, 12:01 PM
Agree completely, a very nicely done '63. Also agree, the bumper guards would have to go before even driving it home. And then, the '53-54 front and rear bumpers are much more sleek.

However, this just shows how slippery is the slope when we start modifying. Now, I'd have to lose the grille badge, swap the old school chrome mirrors for more contemporary body color. Then hard to say what would catch the eye next.

jack vines

02-02-2014, 01:34 PM
....having owned several GT Hawks, w/ and w/o chrome issues....I like the mod on this car.....Makes it look regally sheik