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01-26-2014, 03:44 PM
This may have been posted before but I never saw it yet.
Robert Kapteyn

01-26-2014, 03:53 PM
Looks exactly like my 1960, Jonquil with cream top. Unfortunately, mine was a daily driver in the rust belt and I drove it until it became one with the earth. :(

3179031791Photos about 1983.

01-26-2014, 04:43 PM
Scroll all the way down to the Muppets !

01-26-2014, 07:08 PM
Great video! Muppets in a Studebaker (and they even "announce" that it is a Studebaker!).

01-26-2014, 07:58 PM
The Jonquil Yellow '60 Lark Regal Convertible could be the one Ed Reynolds restored for his X Sonya.
I do not remember it's details, but I believe it was a VIII Automatic, not sure about the top Color on it, but most were Off-White.

01-26-2014, 11:35 PM
The shame of it is that if the muppets were around in the early 60's with that sort of free advertising Studerbaker might still be with us.
Power of influnce of kids wanting something. But dad Fozzie drives a Studerbaker!..:)

01-26-2014, 11:46 PM
Those who attended the 1980 International at Gettysburg remember "The Muppet Movie" was shown continuously in one of the conference rooms.