View Full Version : Missed the car show - Allan Hancock College

09-23-2006, 08:52 PM

I should have marked my calender, could sware that it was on the 24th!
Today was the 1st Annual Allan Hancock College Police Departmentís
Car Show benefiting Special Olympics. This is the next show that I
was trying to make in the Avanti. Stupid fuel pump issues have set me
back. I did, however, get some great feedback from some new kids who
are showing up at In & Out Burger. These are high school kids, they
all have new(er) Mustangs. I drove the Avanti last weekend, and I was
talking to one of the kids that didnt make it last week. Then one of
the ones that was there, came up and asked where the Studebaker was.
The kid I was talking to said, "A Studebaker! ha ha!". The other kid
jumped right in and said "No!! This one was REALLY cool!!". Then the
kid I was talking to said, "oh I know what they look like". Thats a
funny thing to say, since there are many different models. I bet he
was thinking Fozzie the Bears Studebaker. Will make sure I get it to
In & Out next week. Gotta educate the younger crowd, thats part of my
effort, to bring a Studebaker into the current trends, without ruining
the original feel of the car. Might end up with some new members.

Kinda bummed I didnt make this show, I messed up my back thursday, it
will "go out" from time to time. I wasnt able to do anything on the
fuel pump, which made it impossible to get done by today.