View Full Version : Fred Fox alert in DQ's Hemmings Thread

01-18-2014, 07:24 AM
Many of you may have read Dick Quinn's thread about the excellent March 2014 Hemmings Classic Car Personality Profile on Fred and Linda Fox here:


If you read it early-on, when Dick first posted it, you may have missed the detailed information Fred Fox sent me about some of the photos in the article, posted later. I copied and pasted Fred's remarks directly from two e-mails he sent, with his permission. Fred's input is in Post #23 to Dick Quinn's topic, and many will find Fred's input of interest. :) BP

[Moderators: Please lock this topic (mine, here) ASAP. I don't want to get two threads going on this, but thought I'd post this reference because many enjoy reading Fred's material and would not realize it had been added to Dick's thread. If anyone has remarks about Fred's input, they should be continued in Dick's thread, not here. Thanks. BP]