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Larry Garside
08-20-2013, 05:01 PM
I have the following information on the engine that is in a 1952 2R10 pickup. I have just started to have some engine and drive train work done to get the truck running again. I'm new to the forum, so the information may be more than needed. Can anyone tell me what this engine is? I'm doubtful it is original; see following: The individually hand-stamped number on the ½ by 2 in. pad on the front top left side of the block is 901[?]223. No letter prefix that I can see. This is probably not the original engine, because the title apparently uses the engine number for the “VIN”; it is 1R130540. I have just ordered a build sheet. The serial number plate, apparently removed in the past from the seat riser, is R10-34242. It’s a 122 in. ¾ ton. The head has cast-in number 529279 over a number 1 and a “D.” On the block above the distributor is E 8 22, and below and forward of the distributor is 54807-9. There is an aluminum tag under the “coil bracket” that has printed entry spaces for Bore (.040)m Mains (.030), No.(.09). The stamped entries listed in parentheses above. Thanks.

Dwain G.
08-20-2013, 09:51 PM
It's a 1951 engine that was originally in a Champion car. The aluminum tag was installed by an unknown rebuilder at some time in the past. This is basically the same engine as the original one the truck was built with. The question mark you put in the engine number I assume is because you didn't know if the figure before it was a numeral '1' or a capitol letter 'I', is that correct? It is a numeral. Studebaker stamped them that way.

Larry Garside
08-21-2013, 09:03 AM
Dwain, thank you very much. I did not think about the "I" for "1" issue when I read the number. Actually, the number could be the top of a mis-stamped "4"; the use of I by Studebaker actually makes it unlikely to misread a partial 4 that way. I really appreciate your efforts on forums and the Co-Operator.