View Full Version : My 57 Commander needs a good home

08-15-2013, 06:13 AM
When was the last time you saw a 57 Commander at a car show or meet ?

Engine was shot and pulled out , I have all the chrome along with
some "extra parts" . the quarters are solid and so is the trunk "but" it
came with rubber mats from the factory so the floor boards on the
driver side are rusted though ,the cloth interior is ugly but the dash is
cherry and I have an extra front seat and I'm thinking around 600.00 "thats" just a ball park figure
I'm willing to talk it over. I do need cash medicalbills are pileing up .

It has a clean Washington state title. glass is good the driver side
door is cracked but I have the replacement glass for it.
Its a lot of work but it's just to cool and rare for me to just haul
off for scrap metal I just can't see that happening to it.

on all fours , brakes still working , steering seems smooth.

I have a "new" long block crate engine 350 Chevy. that I was thinking about putting in it , If I was to sell it the sale on it would be separate and SOME $$$$ seeing its new.

contact me here only Belfairsoper@gmail.com Belfair wash.


08-15-2013, 02:48 PM
I would sure like to see more pictures of your car...;)
Yes, even the 'bad' stuff.

StudeDave '57 :cool: