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08-15-2013, 05:13 AM
Wednesday I inspected a house for a fellow and found a bunch of wood rot fungi infesting the cripple wall below a deck at the back of the foundation. I explained what I'd found to the client and recommended he contact a few contractors to get estimates for repairs. I gave him the names of a couple of contractors that I know and told him to have the contractors call me if they had questions. This evening one of the contractors called me to ask questions about what I'd found and what I thought the scope of work was going to involve.

He was concerned about how to go about cleaning off the surface fungi (mildew discoloration) near the serious rotted area. The mildew covers the ends of the joists and the sub-floor for several feet from the foundation wall but the floor and joists are still tenable. I suggested he look into purchasing a soda blaster and then I described how they work, explained that some of the guys who do mold remediation in this region use them to scour mold off of wood before treating it with a fungicide, and suggested he check them out at HFT.

In the course of that discussion I happened to mention to him that I was thinking about purchasing a soda blaster myself to add to the arsenal of cleaning equipment I'm using to restore an old Packard that I have. That's when he said something like, "Hey, cool. I've got an old car too - a Studebaker that belonged to my grandfather." Like me, he's in his 60's, so I figured that if he had a Stude that belonged to his grandfather it might be pretty old. I asked him what year. Turns out it's a 1939. He doesn't know the model - only that it's a 4-door and that he and his brother have held onto it for years and were thinking about doing something with it and passing it down.

I told him about the SDC and the fact that there is a lot of Stude activity in the area. I told him that if his grandfather bought it new and he has a survivor that can be documented from new to now he might have something special. I suggested he check the SDC out.

I'm going to give him a call Tomorrow and see if I can get him to visit the board. I think that if he visits this site and sees the level of enthusiasm and support for these cars he might be interested in joining the SDC and then he and his kin might find the motivation they need to let their old car see the light of day again.

I've known this guy for about 14 or 15 years. In all that time, though we'd discussed literally dozens of issues over the phone, we'd never talked cars. If we hadn't been discussing ways that he could clean that flooring and joists effectively without tearing them up I would have never suggested a soda blaster or the fact that I was thinking of purchasing one for my own project and he would have never mentioned the Stude. We might have gone another 15 years of knowing each other and never knew that each was interested in old cars.

S'funny how things happen. Karma or something. Hope I can get him interested in participating here.

08-15-2013, 09:46 AM
Good stuff. Way to fly the flag. I've had a few people join because they saw the car and had a Studebaker in the family.

08-15-2013, 09:51 AM
Thats awesome! I hope to see him here soon!