View Full Version : Engine: Avanti motor mount install

08-06-2013, 12:36 AM
I want to replace the rear motor mounts (fronts are good) in my Avanti (63 R1, Powershift). I have read the manual and it says to jack up the motor. So where do you apply the jack? Is this really doable? Must be if it is in the manual. Anyone been there, done that?

08-06-2013, 02:59 AM
Most of the Engine, Convertor and Transmission is supported on those rear mounts that are on the Convertor Housing, so you are safe to lift it in the center of the housing without crushing the Oil Pan.

Many Dealers had an "Arch" shaped lifting tool to catch the Engine Oil Pan mounting surface and bolts to do the lifting. Another good way if you have help to remove the Hood is just use an Engine crane and lift from near the rear most Intake Manifold bolts.

Concerning the Front Mounts, about the only time I would call those GOOD is, if I knew I had changed them myself in the last year or 2 and it was never driven hard, as that Left Front with a 240+ HP Engine will lift and tear without showing any damage.

Watch that FAN! It is an excellent idea to remove it BEFORE you put the top of it into the Radiator, if is anywhere near. :ohmy: