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08-05-2013, 07:35 AM
This will go down as one of the dumbest posts... ever, I am sure....
Just to be very clear.... I cannot find my manual.... I am working on my parking brake. I was driving this weekend and it seems to be hanging up.

So... the 40 comander has a "trigger" & post parking brake... it moves forward (toward the floor) and back (up towards the steering wheel).... In which position is the brake actually "on"?

By the way... the engine is running smooth as silk... even turning the idle way down, the car does not stall! I have to actually turn it up because it does stall when going into gear (I need to adjust the clutch and get used to driving a 3 on the tree).

I had it up to 50mph with no issues other than being scarred when I used the brakes... not used to high speed stopping yet either!

The car is in a "real" garage right now having the trans flushed and filled, oil changed and parking brake looked at. It also had the rear axle "greased". I need to flush the radiator and then practice driving some more. I am still way behind schedule, but it was very nice to turn all of the heads on Saturday as peopel tried to figure out what the heck was driving by.

08-05-2013, 08:10 AM
In which position is the brake actually "on"?
Pulled away from the dash is on.

08-05-2013, 09:36 AM
OK... I got that one and it shoudl have been a no brainer....
The thing is, the shaft really does "move"... By this I mean the travel distance is guite long.
I talked to the mechanic this morning already and he told me I hadn't "released" it all of the way.
So it was hanging up a little I guess. Pulled back, it comes out almost from underneath the dash... pushed in (released) it damn near goes to the floor... I wasn't pushing it down all of the way!!!!


08-05-2013, 09:41 PM
Sounds like you may need to do some adjusting in your parking brake.

First make certain your service brakes are correctly adjusted and functioning as designed.
Then, make certain your parking brake handle is FULLY released. Then pull it back FOUR notches (click, click, click, click). Elevate the rear tires off the ground.
From under the car, loosen the front nut at the equalizer, where the front cable joins the rear cable. (This may require a bit of cleaning and lubricating of the threads and nut.) Now, tighten the rear nut on the equalizer until the slack is taken out of the rear cable and a heavy drag is felt when rotating the rear wheels by hand. Tighten the front nut securely to maintain the adjustment. Release the control handle and rotate the rear wheel to make sure the drag does not exist.

08-05-2013, 10:18 PM
Just one other thing to check. A former Studebaker owner once called me and asked if I could come help him because he was stranded with seized up brakes. What I found was that he had a hill holder on the back of his master-cylinder. The linkage mechanism that connects it to the actuator had been removed. He had the car in a shop for a lube job and the tech had apparently bumped the actuator over to the "lock" position. Every time he applied his brakes, they held tighter since there was no mechanism attached to the unit that would allow for it to relieve the pressure.

This poor fellow didn't even know the car had a hill holder. Once I moved the lever back in the "off" or relief position...every thing was OK. I'm certainly not picking on you, but if you happen to have a hill holder, check it for adjustment. If someone has removed the linkage, make sure the actuator is in the off position.

08-09-2013, 09:37 AM
I haven't checked the hill holder, but I know my other 40 has one... I will get that checked!

Now, as for the parking brake.. it is working correctly now and the mechanic had to "back off" one of the front brakes... The car drives beautifully now, sounds great and idles very nicely (had it adjusted)... it even wants to "roll" when the clutch is being released. I woudl say the carb rebuild and other engine work I did was a success. I am currently working on the original fuel pump (needs rebuilt and I have a more modern "electric" on one currently that I just replaced).

Issue resolved!!!

I had the transmission filled and looked at, radiator flushed and filled (I do need to get a new radiator gasket or whole cap as it won't hold pressure well), oil and filter changed (finding the correct filter was a pain, so I bought 3!), brakes checked (like new), parking brake lubed and fixed and finally the pumpkin ball (all grease fittings and bearings) lubed and regreased.

Mechanically, the car is a dream to drive... only problem is, the driver is retarded... I have a ways to go before I am proficient with the "3 on the tree clutch"...I grew up with and have always used automatics.... The mechanic asked to drive the car, I said yes and went along as a passenger... wow! it ran great when HE was riving.... I stalled it 4 times taking it home....