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07-11-2013, 02:12 PM
From the paperwork of the former C-D Motors of Trenton, NJ, years 1963-1966, are the following factory invoices. They all include date of sale, name of purchaser, and much of the information found on a factory production (line ticket) order. If you are an owner or are interested in Studebaker Avanti cars, I can provide a copy(ies) for you. Please refer to the original posting or posting # 2 for details. A charge of $2 to cover my costs for an order.

Studebaker Avanti
Serial # R 4084
Serial # R 4977
Serial # R 4992
Serial # R5190 (one of the 10 "Allstate" cars)

Thanks for your interest.

Frank Drumheller
Locust Grove, VA
M16-52 1948 Boyer-bodied fire truck

07-11-2013, 04:21 PM
Are you sure about the ten Allstate cars? I owned 5176 that was built the same as several cars around that number and was originally equipped with Allstate tires. I recently got a call from the recently deceased owner's daughter that wants to sell this car.

I do not see any of those numbers in my 2012 AOAI Roster.

07-11-2013, 08:47 PM
Thanks for responding, Gary. No, I'm not sure about the '10 Allstate Avanti' rumor. I read or heard it years ago, but I have no documentation. I hoped someone would clarify this topic.

This is not exhaustive research, only impressions from the paper of one dealership. Up until about June '63, the only tire codes that show up is Code 55 for 'White sidewalls'. In June 1963, Code 54 for 'Firestone Tires' appears on one or two invoices. Shortly afterwards, Code 51A appears on many invoices indicating Firestone Tires with Code 55 appearing on some vehicles as whitewalls. This ends in September 1963 all of a sudden. We see only Code 55's on a number of invoices until September 1964, assuming all others were blackwalls of their major supplier. Goodyear??

Now in August 1964, we see Code 51A appear again, but now designated as Allstate Tires for about 6 weeks. Then we see only Code 55 to the end of production or no Code at all for tires.

My supposition is that the Studebaker Corp, as production slowed, tried to find the best deal from suppliers in order to hold down costs. They may have made a special deal with both Firestone and Allstate for a specific range of tires that undercut their tranditional supplier. Again, my supposition.

I can do an in-depth tire search for the August 1963-April 1966 period from this one dealer on the number of invoice tire specs by Codes, but I'm not sure it would indicate any business practices of a dying Corp.

I would like to know about the rumored '10 Avanti Allstate Cars'. For the life of me I do not remember where I read or heard by word-of-mouth about these cars. I hope this may get attention of those who know. I'll also keep digging.

Thanks again for your interest by taking time to comment.

Frank Drumheller
Locust Grove, VA
M16-52 1948 Boyer-bodied fire truck

07-11-2013, 10:53 PM
Inside the Avanti accessory pamphlet it shows Dunlop tires as an option. I think Uniroyals (US Royal then) were also used by Studebaker.

07-11-2013, 11:03 PM
The build sheet on my Survivor Avanti clearly shows Allstate tires.


07-11-2013, 11:46 PM
JDP; Thanks for posting. That Avanti is surely one fine machine. The car sold in NJ is very similiar to yours. Same color, same interior. Your car has power steering, electric ws wipers, larger wheels and TT, the NJ car did not.

Body # on the NJ car is RQ4370. Yours appears to be RQ4310 (hard to see). I can not make out the serial # for your Avanti. It's beautiful!!

Frank Drumheller

07-12-2013, 01:54 PM
Allstate tires were used on Avantis for a period of time due to an advertising promotion betwen Studebaker (Avanti) and Sears (Allstate). Besides Avantis with Allstate tires shown on their build sheet, including my 1964, I remember a 6K mile Avanti on its original tires that were Allstates. The Allstate promotion included the cross-country run in an Avanti by two ladies. I remember seeing that Avanti shortly after that and it was on Allstate tires.