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05-08-2013, 09:07 PM
Most Forums have classified ads, why does this one not that section?? Makes it so much easier to find cars or parts you are looking for, as well it keeps the enthusiasts buying, trading, or upgrading?
curious about this??

05-08-2013, 09:11 PM
Search for the Studebaker Swap page. It's not a part of this site, but it's what everyone uses.


05-08-2013, 09:55 PM
Actually, there is a classified ad section on the SDC web site, if not on the forum, per say.

As is explained in the introduction to the classified section, online ads are not posted until 20 days after Turning Wheels magazine is mailed. This allows SDC dues paying members a chance to respond to ads before non-member Internet lurkers.

However, classifieds must be submitted through Turning Wheels channels.


Aside from that, anybody can post items they are looking for, or have for sale, within reason, through the General Studebaker Specific Discussion Forum.

05-08-2013, 11:19 PM
This forum is just one page on the Studebaker Drivers Club web offering and, the Studebaker Drivers Club web site is one small aspect of the largest world-wide collector car club devoted to a single marque.
You can inform us of your needs or offer what you have here within reason but, if you want the best return for your needs, you need to become a member of the SDC. It is the membership of SDC that pays for the maintenance of all on-line resources here.

05-08-2013, 11:58 PM
Thanks for the information. I was a TW member since 1990-2010.