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t walgamuth
04-29-2013, 01:04 PM
So I bought the hot rod Studebaker motor with the aluminum offy manifold, the two two barrel adapter and the chrome valve covers along with the highboy side pipes along with a couple spare stude blocks. A 57 289 and a 64 259 full flow. Today and yesterday I workded stripping it. It is absolutely the cleanest old motor I have ever taken apart. The outside is clean with the black paint in good shape, the inside has paint on the block and everything is clean as a pin. The bores measure a round 4 (thousandths or is it ten thousandths?) so I can hone it and install rings. The bearings and crank look like they might not need to be replaced. I am going to take them over to my favorite machinist so he can bless them.

I'm pretty stoked. Once I freshen this motor I will transfer the chrome goodies from the other motor to it and use it in my 39 CE.;)

04-29-2013, 01:13 PM
Congrats on getting lucky with your used engine. The last couple of cores I've pulled down have been like wading in a tar pit.

The bores measure a round 4 (thousandths or is it ten thousandths?) so I can hone it and install rings. Difficult to measure four-ten-thousandths (.0004") without a Sunnen dial bore gauge, so you're probably seeing .004".

If the machinist hones the bores back to cylindrical but .004" oversize, it will be noisier with a bit of piston slap, but have better compression. If just using a glaze-breaking hone but leaving the .004" taper, the rings won't last as long and it will smoke more, but will be quieter.

jack vines

Mike Van Veghten
04-29-2013, 02:09 PM
Those ball/flex hones can be had in a pretty fine grit...no need to use a 36 grit hone if that's what you end up doing. I believe they are down to 800 grit. Look them up, they work well if you don't have to "reshape" the bore.


t walgamuth
04-30-2013, 05:16 AM
I used his dial bore indicator but I'm not sure of the brand. Nifty device. He looked up the factory bore and set it for me so all I was measuring was whatever wear there was. I'll be building for durability not quietness. (Heck I cannot hear that well anyhow!).