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04-02-2013, 04:05 PM
Just got this e-mail and I thought I would pass it on

LeMay-America's (Tacoma, WA)
Car Museum continues to make progress on the Avanti #1001 Rescue Project. The
car, donated to the museum in 2001 sporting a psychedelic
green-sparkle color, was confirmed by Avanti Corporation as #1001 - the first
Avanti ever sold.

The museum launched the Avanti Rescue Project in 2011 and recruited help from
members of the Studebaker Drivers Club and Avanti Owners Association
International to begin the massive restoration process.

"This car used to turn heads back in the '60's and deserves to be restored to its
original showroom condition," said Renee Crist, ACM Collections Manager.

Studebaker expert James Bell and an all-volunteer rescue team joined with ACM to take on
the #1001 Rescue Project, which is moving forward due to generous financial
support from the ACM board of directors, the public and donated parts and
service from Avanti enthusiasts.

Hundreds of volunteer hours have already been poured into restoring the #1001. After the team carefully dismantled the car and stripped away the green-sparkle paint, the
Avanti traveled to Sunnyside, Washington, where Ron and DeAnne Hochhalter,
lifetime Studebaker Drivers Club members, painted the car "Avanti White," - its
original color.

"The car's significance in American automotive design, innovation, and manufacturing
reinforces ACM's story of America's Love Affair with the Automobile." said

The Avanti #1001 Rescue Project continues, but it won't be long before visitors can
see this stunning, modern masterpiece of 1960's American automotive culture.

The 1963 Studebaker Avanti #1001 was donated by Lakewood, Washington resident Dr.
Daniel Cook.

Project NEEDS as of 03/01/2013

Interior NEEDED:
Carpeting (Tuxedo Orange/black)
Roll Bar Cover (NOS, or Repro)
Gauges Restored (Estimated cost $900), or NOS
Wheels & Tires:
Avanti Wheels
Set of Tires -5 (new)
Shifter Bushings & Bezel
Clutch and Throw Out Bearing
Misc Exterior
Pair of Headlight Lenses (GLASS NOS, or new repro)
New Antenna-Part AC_3330 from Studebaker International $139.95
Electrical System:
Alternator & Voltage Regulator (NOS, or Rebuilt)
Dual Point Distributor

DO YOU HAVE A PART FOR THIS CAR OR SERVICE TO DONATE? PLEASE CONTACT the Collection Manager, vehicledonations@lemaymuseum.org or 253-779-8490
2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421