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11-18-2012, 10:25 PM
Like the girl on HEE HAW says, "This has been such an exasperating day!"
Yesterday we loaded up G-Ma's Night Runner with Her,me, James,Mitchell,and Josh. We spent the day at the Moultrie Swap Meet. Josh picked up a TT rear end for his Lark. we hauled it home in G-ma's truck and today we were going to takit to the shop. I backed my truck Tailgate to tailgate with hers,Josh and I slid it from one to the other.
While moving my truck into place I noticed my old Dodge wasn't running just right. We started off to town anyhow. The truck spit and sputtered like it was out of gas. Gauge said 3/4 tank. I was thinking maybe dirty fuel filter.

We putt-putted all the way to the shop,about15 miles. Raised the hood and found a rodent nest! Got the leaf blower and blew away all the leaves, Pine needles,sticks and cotton. Rodents like to nibble on wires,and had gotten to the fuel injection harness!
Fixed all that,and unloaded the rear axel.Played with the Cop Car Clone for awhile. Josh spinning the wheels and kiking up dust around the shop yard like young'uns like to do. Decided to leave the truck in town and drive the car home.
Drove across town to get some E-Free gas, then remembered I needed dogfood. My hound likes Old Roy Crunchy bites and bones. Sold only at Wal Mart.
Came out of Wal mart and noticed the left rear tire almost flat. No jack, No lug wrench! But it didn't matter because the spare was flat too. Back into Wal Mart and bought a can of Fix-A-Flat. Maybe this will get us back to the shop. It's only a couple of miles. WRONG! About half way back the tire let go and scattered rubber schrapnell all over the place! Less than a mile to go so I just drove it on in on the flat. Put the dog food in the truck and came home.Supper was soon ready then sat down on the couch and watched a Re-Run of HEE HAW!

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11-18-2012, 11:10 PM
I have a life long friend who is a veterinarian. Besides our friendship, the common thing that binds us is that we both acquired education and success against long odds and exceeded expectations. We did this without financial support, encouragement, or tradition from our respective families.

This past Friday, I arrived at his farm in time to assist him in replacing the flat tire on his wife's car. As the two of us were fumbling around like a couple of kids getting grass stains on the knees of our jeans...I reminded him that regardless of our success and education, God finds ways like this moment, to give us an opportunity to remember how humble our roots are. Lest we become too enamored with our accomplishments, we retain the ability to get our hands dirty and give thanks to the one who blessed us with our talents.

The last time he visited my place...we were clamoring around on our knees replacing some of the rusty tin on the roof of my barn. Sometimes, exasperating can be exhilarating...when flavored with a slight adjustment in attitude. Grand kids, Studebakers, blown tires...memories...wish I had been there!:)

11-19-2012, 02:41 PM
Sound kinda like a normal day around home. LOL