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Bob Bryant
11-18-2012, 02:27 PM
Some forum members have an interest in WWII history. Yesterday, I was fortunate to be able to attend a presentation by Garry Kozak on the search for German U-boat U550 which had been sunk in April, 1944. Kozak is a sonar expert and by using side-sonar the searchers were able to find the submarine in July, 2012. He said the sub had sunk close to a deep trench which would have made it impossible to locate it if it had gone down just a short distance away. Garry said there were no plans to divulge the location and they do not want the resting place of the deceased sailors aboard the vessel disturbed. There are many links, but the one below had several photographs.


11-18-2012, 08:25 PM
Have you ever read the story the German sub U505 ?

John S.

Bob Bryant
11-18-2012, 09:58 PM
No, I have not read the book. Thsnks for reminding me of its availability. I saw the U505 on display at the Museum of Science & Industry many years ago. Amazing story with its capture and the secrecy afterwards. In searching this link Part I of a video was found showing the capture and Part II continues with the story. Worth a watch if you have not viewed it before.


11-18-2012, 10:28 PM
I served in the Air Force and have not been schooled in maritime traditions. The treating of sunken ships as respected grave sites intrigues me. I am puzzled as to how some sites are respected and forbidden to be explored, while others are excavated and pilfered. What determines whether or not a site can be explored? What authority makes the decision? Wouldn't it be tempting to have your very own German enigma code machine in your display case?

I suspect that the traditions... who can keep them and who gets to benefit from exceptions...like so many things...has more to do with who you know and money flow. Perhaps some of you know. I certainly don't.