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07-21-2007, 11:38 PM
Two questions:

1. My 62 Hawk (V-8) is missing the throttle pressure kick down rod that goes between the throttle bell crank to the throttle pressure lever. My body parts manual and my shop manual only show the top of the bell crank and the very end of the rod where it hooks to the transmission. They don't show the rods hooking to the bell crank. Does anyone have a parts number for that piece? Does anyone know where I might get one (I looked in the Stude International catalogue and online at SASCO--they don't seem to have it)

2. And my Hawk's bell crank is loose/badly worn. Does anyone have any ideas for fixing it? Or for where I might find a replacement?

If anyone has pictures to share of the right setup for the Flight-o-matic/ V-8 hookup, I'd sure appreciate them. I can't find any clear images in my manuals.

Thanks so much!

1949 2R5 truck
1962 GT Hawk
Santa Fe, NM

07-22-2007, 02:29 AM
Carolyn, please DO NOT DRIVE the car without that rod! It is not only a kickdown rod, it is also a throttle pressure control rod, which controls the pressure in the trans, so without it the Trans. will slip and ruin the clutches and bands. [:0]:(

You need the:
1544019 rod, bellcrank to Trans. (W/Automatic Drive) C&K
184526 spring (wave) washer
G120393 plain 9/32 washer
a 1/16" X 3/4" cotter pin

641393 Clevis (bellcrank to trans rod)
G120613 Nut, locking 1/4"X 20
Pin, clevis 3/16" X 5/8"
Cotter pin 3/16" X 3/4"

This is from Pg. 109 of the Fuel System, Section 0312 of the '59-'63 Stude. Chassis Parts Catalog.

Interesting; it looks like the clevis and the rod are each available at our wonderful SASCO at the Home of Studebaker: South Bend, IN!! They are both $10.10 each. The plain washer and nut are $1.00 ea. This just goes to show you that: WE NEED OUR (threatened) SASCO[:p]:)

Studebakers Northwest
Ferndale, WA

07-22-2007, 09:45 AM
SASCO also has new bell-crank assemblies for the throttle linkage.I have a spare new one here for automatic.My old buddy Tom Karkiewicz,has barrels full of used ones(RODS) & is very reasonable,satisfaction guaranteed.
Phone # 574-287-5834 (call PM)

07-22-2007, 10:14 AM
Thanks, studerich and kmul221, for the parts numbers, contacts, and sage advice!

I'll keep the Hawk in dry dock until I've gotten parts, supported our SASCO, and hooked everything up.

I shudder to think how long and how far the Hawk has been driven without the throttle pressure control rod. I bought the car in May.


1949 2R5 truck
1962 GT Hawk
Santa Fe, NM