View Full Version : Steering Rebuilding 61 Hawk Power Steering Pump Heres Some Stuff I Learned

07-10-2012, 07:22 PM
My 61 Hawk started leaking Power Steering Fluid on the way from NJ to Vermont I cut the belt and drove on. When I arrived I bought a kit from Dave Thiebult (spelling?) and in the last two days I rebuilt it. First off you should know only seals are available no bushings.

I have a Shop Manual and Dave was nice enough to explain the procedure. Here are the mistakes and the things I learned. Be sure when spliting the pump the shaft is down ( I did that) or the guts fall out. Be sure to mark the top of the Carrier ( wheel looking gear) because it is like a water pump in a boat it has an orientation. Put it back as it came out. The Shop Manual says to put the shaft in with a seal protector from the inside out. DO NOT DO THAT. Put the shaft in from the front WITH THE PULLEY ON IT. This allows you to protect the seal without the seal tool and it insures the rough part of the shaft never hits the seal. I destroyed the first front seal but that was probably a good thing because I found NAPA Seal # 7440 is the right one and it sure looks stronger. I also found the following sites:

http://studebaker-info.org/ Tons of Stude stuff with pictures explaining everything including this job. Thanks for that tip on putting the pulley on the shaft. I have had Studes. for over 30 years and never saw this site. I have it marked now.

http://www.avantiparts.biz/servlet/the-96/Power-Steering-Pump--dsh-/Detail BRAND NEW pumps if you screw up royally.

01-13-2014, 07:31 PM
Jim, I remember this!! Glad you got your pump fixed. You planning on taking the Hawk down to Delaware for the 2014 SDC Meet? I look forward to seeing you again, this time it will be me making the long drive.