View Full Version : Clock to trade

09-13-2006, 10:01 PM
I know, I can't seem to just let this issue go. But this time I am going to offer something in return. A friend of mine, a few weeks ago, sold me a very nice clock that came of a 1957 President. Despite his good advice, I tried to mount it on my 1961 lark with no sucess. It turns out that those clocks mounted a little bit different than the ones for my car. And my friend kept on telling me that (guess that shows how stubborn I am). So now I have a really nice clock for a 57' and looking to trade straight up for a 61'/62' clock. If anyone is willing to, let me know and as always, I am always looking for leads on one.

*Pictures below are the clock I need (top) and the clock I have (bottom)