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06-28-2012, 03:19 PM
Does any one out in stude land remember a picture of a 63 lark in TRW i believe that was painted a Burnt desert sand color, this was afew years back if i recall. Any info would be very welcome,Thanks s lot gals & guys. Mac.

06-28-2012, 03:32 PM
Desert Sand was a beautiful Beige/Gold quite light and Metallic, it was a '64 Stude. Color.

I can't imagine a Burnt one though, the only color known as burnt anything is the Orange that is quite popular now on new Cars, nothing like Gold or Beige though.

I take it that it's not a stock '63 Color, then. The closest would be Gold Mist, but it is light, not burnt.

Bob Andrews
06-28-2012, 03:52 PM
I believe I know excactly which car you're talking about. It was a stunning car. I don't remember the details, though.

06-28-2012, 05:00 PM
If it was on the cover, one of the vendors has all of the color front/back photos on his web site. Would be an easy review to look for it. If inside TW, then not there on that website.


06-28-2012, 07:20 PM
Mac: We need more information here if you want us to have any luck tracking it down.


1. Was it on a front cover of Turning Wheels, on a back cover, or somewhere within the magazine?

2. What Body Style was it; sedan, convertible, hardtop, wagon?

3. The only 1963 "goldish" color was Champagne Gold. It was just a regular metallic gold; not too dark, not too light, and not "burnt," unless it was a custom paint job. Try to describe the color as something other than Burnt Desert Sand, which, as StudeRich allowed, doesn't make much sense. Thanks.

That said, perhaps you are thinking of South Bend SDCer Jim Maxey's custom-paint 1963 Daytona hardtop. His Daytona is almost a rich Firemist Bronze Candy color; definitely not a Studebaker offering in any year.

He goes by DieselJim here on the forum, but I don't see a photo of his car in his Avatar. BP

06-28-2012, 09:52 PM
The Lark is my sons car, R2Lark clone. The color is Fire Mist Orange. We painted it in my garage. Jim

Bob Andrews
06-28-2012, 10:27 PM


06-29-2012, 12:09 AM
That looks great but it's ORANGE!

06-29-2012, 06:41 AM
Yep, Bob; thanks. BP

06-29-2012, 10:19 AM
BP; Thanks guys for the quick replies,near as i remeber it was on the inside page in color, 63 two door, maybe a HT, custom paint job, i,m 78 years old and getting long in the tooth,my memory also has a habit of coming and gooooooooooooooing at times, but whats new!. Guess i,ll start going back thru some old TRW and see what i can find, later. MAC

06-29-2012, 09:52 PM


If I am not mistaken (and I probably am) this color is Prowler Orange with "extra metalflake" or something to that affect.The car was in TW a few years ago IIRC.