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07-17-2007, 10:01 PM
Recent M5.

I recently purchased a rust free 1947 Indiana M5 (true).
While there is no rust and not beat up it needs a paint job and I want too customize it
so that I can use it as a daily driver.
I will add a rebuilt V8 259 with automatic transmission.
I have some questions as to how to deal with the front end.
Originally I will try to add backing plates from a 64 Stude truck so that I can use car breaks.
I will see if they fit tomorrow.
Does anyone know if any year of 51 to 64 brake drums would work on the M5 spindle?
Is there a source for kingpins for this truck? - the right side spindle casting is 100368.
I believe this makes it an earlier model.
I will also look for tie rod ends and reach rod or drag link parts.
I don't know which one of these parts I will need at this time.
If they are not available, now is the time to consider other alternatives.
Such as SubFrame or FatMan.
My first preference is to keep it Stude.
Thank you.