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03-27-2012, 09:21 AM
cruzin around the net this morn and came across this: http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://image.hotrod.com/f/9511924/511large%2B1946_studebaker_custom%2Bfront_right_view.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/8178_1946_studebaker_custom/photo_06.html&usg=__bFK38bp9Ircx39afbWH1X4IaFRM=&h=319&w=495&sz=22&hl=en&start=21&zoom=1&tbnid=rs-LZuqbhBdKJM:&tbnh=84&tbnw=130&ei=ushxT9GHBMzaiQLWuNnEDA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dcustom%2Bstudebaker%26hl%3Den%26gbv%3D2%26tbm%3Disch&itbs=1

Never seen this truck before, and checked my Feb. 2009 issue of HotRod mag, and this truck was not in that issue, even though that's what is says on HR's web site. Veerrry different. Junior.

cultural infidel
03-27-2012, 09:28 AM
this one is not for me. Too much going on...

03-27-2012, 09:45 AM
I envy anyone who can do bodywork like that.

03-27-2012, 09:51 AM
I'm with Klif! Amazing work.

03-27-2012, 09:51 AM
The body work is great, unless it is a ton of bondo, but still creative. That said I am with Infidel....not my style. Too much happening and kind of a confussed direction imho. Alot of Lead Sled style touches mixed with Street Rod styling cues. Not for me.

03-27-2012, 10:14 AM
Different is the best thing I can say about this one.

03-27-2012, 01:51 PM
In an alternate Universe, Buick made a Coupe Express.

03-27-2012, 10:12 PM
A hood emblem and headlight doors! The rest of it is...I know naught what. Still represented as a Studebaker. Can't fault it for keeping the name in the public eye. Someone did expend a great deal of thought and perspiration on it. More power to him (or her)!
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