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02-28-2012, 09:30 PM
So five months after getting my 1946 Champion home from its 30+ year stint on a trailer in a farmers field I have spent that time getting organized, taking pictures, and cleaning out the accumulated garbage and mouse crap. Mostly reading the posts here to learn a few things. Started disassembly two weeks ago. This will be a long term project, and am hoping for full restoration, but as I tear things apart I may have to change where it all goes, depending on what I find under everything.
Going over this vehicle I have noticed a few odd quirks on an almost perfectly intact vehicle (minus the radio and passenger window).
First - when cleaning out the glove compartment I discovered a key. This did not fit the ignition, but actually fits a door lock on the passenger side door. The lock mechanism works, but what I don't get is why there is no lock on the drivers side door. Has anyone seen this?
Secondly, the transmission is a T90 (maybe a T80? I can't get a good look at the casting yet). I don't think this is original. I am pretty sure I read the proper transmission type somewhere but can't find that information now (still waiting to get the other manuals - only have the shop manual so far). Can anyone verify the proper transmission? Overdrive cable is there, but not attached on the tranny.
And last - though the body and even floor panels are in great shape, the trunk bottom is completely rusted out, and even the gas tank is rusted through. Any ideas where I could locate a tank to replace this?

02-28-2012, 09:47 PM
Shyke11, I have had 3 vehicles so far with a key lock on the passenger door only. Apparently this was common in the 40's and 50's- - - (or some British guy sneaked in the design studio). You should be able to lock the door from inside by pushing the handle either up or down according to make. My 1952 F # # d that we have now pushes down to open, up to lock. I believe there are vendors that offer a kit to install lock tumbler mechanisms on the outside of both doors, so shouldn't be hard to change. OR, just scoot across the seat like we do, ha ! John

02-28-2012, 10:12 PM
If you don't stand on the driver's side of the car to lock and unlock your door, you won't get run over by a stupid non-Studebaker driver.

02-28-2012, 10:23 PM
See, I knew there was a reason to buy a studebaker!!!

02-28-2012, 10:25 PM
Can you envision any possible way to lock yourself out of a Studebaker? I don't think it can be done. In addition, putting the lock on the passenger side puts you on the curb, rather than in traffic.

I've seen proof that a fuel tank needs to be more than 50% absent to be incapable of resurrection. No doubt there's a better tank out there somewhere but...

...you can get it cooked out at a radiator shop, weld in patches or even replace the whole upper half with new fabrication (no one will ever see it), braze small holes or use Permatex gas tank & radiator repair http://www.permatex.com/products/automotive/specialized_maintenance_repair/radiator_fuel_tank_repair/Permatex_Gas_Tank_Radiator_Repair.htm
then, seal with Caswell gas tank sealer. http://www.caswellplating.com/restoration-aids/epoxy-gas-tank-sealer.html

There are other products and service providers to save the tank.

02-28-2012, 10:33 PM
I don't know about that one. Lol! When I pulled the mat out of the trunk I could see the garage floor through the trunk pan looking right through the tank top and bottom. I am a sheet metal worker by trade and a decent welder, but I think this a little beyond repair. But then again don't know till you try right?
The lock thing makes sense now though.

02-28-2012, 10:51 PM
You'll be amazed at how quick the mouse smell will disappear after cleaning out the nest and droppings. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it was mouse pee that rusted out the trunk and gas tank. That has to be about the most corrosive stuff on earth. It took me six years to do the restoration on my '48 coupe. That included buying a welder, learning to weld (still questionable), and do many other things that I had not done before.

My advice is to take your time, do as much of the work yourself as you can. The minute you give any work to someone else, you are at the mercy of their schedule. Attend swap meets, question the snot out of people with more skill, scrounge and squirrel away materials, improvise when necessary, and above all...be patient and have fun.

02-29-2012, 10:34 AM
my 41' Commander had a nest above in the headliner, and someone set out DECON to kill. Some of them died in the headliner channel and rotted away the retainers.....My point is: every time I put the heat on or on a very hot day....mouse smell all the time. I had to resort to opening a rear 1/4 window a crack to kill it

02-29-2012, 01:11 PM
I was told that at one point in my town it was illegal to get out of a car on the street side. That may have been common. My 41 Champ has a key lock only on the passenger side as well.

02-29-2012, 01:50 PM
My '49 C-cab pick up has a lock only on the passanger side.
Common practice back in the day to offer only curb side exits. Think all GM suburban vehicles bein 3 doors {not counting rear doors or hatches} with only curb side door for rear passengers all the way up 1973 when they finally added the street side rear door.

02-29-2012, 02:20 PM
My 57 Transtar had the door lock on the passenger side only, I used the kids to slide over to unlock the drivers door. I once bought a VW Bus that had a fire and it stunk bad. I used eucalyptus in sacks and let it sit in the sun while I fixed it and never had a hint of stench afterward.

02-29-2012, 02:29 PM
Can you envision any possible way to lock yourself out of a Studebaker? I don't think it can be done.

I can think of a way...

Get out of car, lock door.
Open trunk to retrieve item, lay keys on trunk floor while rummaging.
Close trunk before you think about getting your keys back


03-03-2012, 01:09 PM
My 51 C Cab truck has only the lock on the passenger side door. This was Studes way of keeping the driver safe while exiting out the passenger side after they locked the drivers side door from the inside . If you put some kitty liter in a pan inside your 46'close it up after you pull all the other stuff it will help get that smell and moisture out.Check it after a while ,dump it out and put new in pan insideyour car.This has helped me with a few cars/trucks and is cheap. Good luck with your 46' , and don't forget to take a lot of pictures before you start to dissassemble..to help you later on when you assemle..