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06-30-2007, 01:39 PM
I'm having a problem with the gas gauge on my 1963 R2 GT Hawk.:(
I'm not sure if I have the wires hooked up correctly. I looked
at the wiring diagram, but it didn't help much.[xx(]
On the back of the gauge are the two terminals that mount the
gauge to the "mounting box" and there is a terminal between
those two and one above the middle one. My wiring choices are
red w/ black, white w/black and all white. All three wires have
the type of ends that slide onto the terminal.
Thank you in advance for helping me with this problem.:D
Terry Stinehelfer
Bucyrus, OH

07-01-2007, 07:01 PM
The 63 Hawk wiring diagram shows a red-black wire going back to the sender, a red-white to ground, and white -black coming from the ignition switch and carrying +12 volts. Notice the two threaded studs on the back, toward the sides. These are part of the case and for mounting , but may have the red-white wire pushed on after install to get a better ground.
The white-black, 12 volt wire goes to the top, insulated, lug. The red-black goes to the other insulated stud.
The way the fuel gauge kinda works is that current supplied by the 12 volts wire goes through a heater coil on a bi- metallic element. The current passes out on the red-black going back to the rheostat (changes resistance as float arm moves).
If you have a voltmeter, first check that the 12 volts is getting into one of the insulated posts and the other post has the wire going to the sender. A good idea is to run a short wire from one of the sender mounting screws to the chassis--helps get a better ground.