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02-12-2012, 11:41 PM
My good friend Ed sent me these photos of the newest project from Sacramento. It sat in a field for 30 years. Some parts and some work and it is now running and licensed. The blower was added and it is street driven. COOL!
If you stop at t light next to it don't challenge it unless you have a hot car. LOL

02-12-2012, 11:46 PM
How To Kill a Champion Six, 101.

But that sure looks like a lot of fun.

wise raymond
02-13-2012, 05:08 AM
cool runnings man

02-13-2012, 05:58 AM
Love it....
Feel sorry for those lil' intake/exhaust gaskets with that hunk of aluminum haning off theose studs.
Can's see the bracing (which I hope is there)...

Now...add A/C and it will even itself all out:rolleyes:;)

02-13-2012, 06:52 AM
That's the cutest thing that's been posted in a month.

'Way cool; 'would sure like to see and hear it run...after the battery hold-down is installed, of course. <GGG> BP

02-13-2012, 06:53 AM
It sat in a field for 30 years and STILL looks this good. Damn you Californians! ;)

02-13-2012, 07:03 AM
Very Cool! What is the supercharger from?

02-13-2012, 09:47 AM
Very Cool! What is the supercharger from?Could be an Eaton from a Ford or GM 3.8 V6. There are several million of them out there now. I have a NOS sitting on the shelf waiting a 224" or 259" project.

jack vines

02-13-2012, 10:47 AM
Just needs twice pipes now. Cool car.

Gordon S

02-13-2012, 11:29 AM
I love anything different and odd....this is different and odd....I love it.

02-13-2012, 01:54 PM
I love anything different and odd....this is different and odd....I love it.

...and the fact it's home-brewed hot rodding! How can ya not love it? Junior.

02-13-2012, 03:46 PM
Yep, any Lightning, GTP, Bonneville SSEI, will provide. Most auto manufacturers that have added a supercharger option in recent years, usually use an Roots blower as their compressor of choice. Ebay usually has quite a few pages with used Eatons that were pulled from various automobiles. With all due respect to the Paxtons, these Roots blowers are great because can they be disassembled rather easily, their construction allows for air to be jammed from underneath the carb or throttle body, down into the intake manifold. Let's just say the results are pretty immediate :p.

02-13-2012, 05:03 PM
I love it! How does it perform?

02-13-2012, 05:13 PM
The brain is a complex thing !, I say way different. the sheetmetal looks mint being that it sat in a field for 30 years,how are the floors ?

02-13-2012, 11:01 PM
According to Johnny the owner it is off of a T-Bird. It is a twin screw Eaton compressor. I guess it works good. He drives it on the street daily to work. He plans on driving it down here for the March meeting of the Gold Coast Roadsters Club. That's about a 5 hour drive. So I guess it must work pretty good. I'm going to start looking for one for the Camper 289. I can fab a manifold at the ranch and it should work great for giving me the added power I need when pulling hills with the car trailer and Avanti behind it.

I'll look at the floors when he comes down.

02-14-2012, 06:51 AM
With a second look at the car how is the hood to carb clearance? ;)

02-14-2012, 09:34 AM
Carters, and Eatons, and flatties, oh my! If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise.

Loving it.

02-14-2012, 10:32 AM
Carburetor sticks up too high for a hood, but that can be overcome. The Stude roadster from a while back had a different approach, but the carb is still in the air.