View Full Version : 56 luggage rack

06-29-2007, 03:50 PM
As I stated in an earlier thread I am rounding up all my chrome parts for the plater. I want to get the four feet rechromed on the luggage rack. Here is my problem took the four set screws out and can't get the 1" rod to come out. Does anyone know if rod is 4 pieces or one and how to get them off. The rod is rusted beyond repair so I am going to have a new one(s) fabicated but didn't want to start beating on these since they are pot matel and impossable to find. Any thoughts. Thanks.

06-29-2007, 06:01 PM
For all 5 of us who has a luggage rack , here is an update. I did what every true American would do when they have no clue on how something is put together. GET A BIGGER HAMMER. My luggage rack is apart. Here is what I found out. 4 rail pieces, 2 straight and two with 2 90's on the ends. The end pieces are sliped inside the ends as a exhaust pipe would be. The feet cover the joints. Here's the trick. After they slid them together they drilled a hole where they overlapped and then positioned the feet over the joints and drove a metal pin through the hole in the feet (same hole as the set screws go in after) and left it stick up into the feet so the wouldn't move. ( I drilled them out)Then they put a set screw on top of this pin. Sure would have been a lot easier to just get a longer set screw and screw it down in there. Oh well it is a part. Good luck to anyone who has to do this. It is tough as you don't want to damage the set screw threads.