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06-29-2007, 03:37 PM
There seems to be a lot of different oppinions as to the different cranks that were used by Studebaker in the 39 to 64 170/185 CI 6's. I know the different main sizes, that is obvious, but in discussions with Bill Cathcart and some other 6 authorities, and in studying the Stude parts books, there seems to be a strong indication and oppinion that the full flow mid year 63 and full year 64 cranks were a fully balanced crank unlike their predicessors. In reading some Stude engneering data I came across, it seems that the Stude group did this to eliminate some harmonics that in their oppinion were causing early part failure (hard to believe in a Stude) Regardless, I am looking for at least 2 of these cranks, one for my rodded 50 Champ flathead, and one for my Bonneville race car. Any thoughts, oppinions or available parts would be appriciated.
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