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12-14-2011, 08:55 PM
So I had a good health day and got a bit ambitious. I sanded the entire dash face, underside of the dash, header over the windshield, inside of the glove box, and side kick panels.

When I pulled the sunvisors off I noticed some of the seats cotton wadding stuffed in behind the visor hole in the header panel. I figure it is just an old mouse nest so I set out to dig out the stuffing. An hour and a half later, a 3 ft long hunk of heavy gauge wire {scaffold tieing wire} an air hose, a shop vacum, a long trans funnel, and a 3 ft piece of of 5/8" clear tubing.

I put the funnel over the end of the vacum hose andthe 5/8" tubing over the small end of the funnel to create a very thin vacum. I then start loosening up the stuffing with the wire and sucking out the wadding. Ends up, that entire header panel was stuffed almost solid with mouse nest and one of the A-pillars was stuffed solis as well.

I ended up filling almost half of a large commercial style shop vac with old seat stuffing that I pulled, dug, blew and sucked out of the windshield header. What a pain!

So then I mask it all up and spray 2 coats of Rustoleum Oil-Based, yes somehow Home Depot and Lowes has Oil-Based Rustoleum paint and primer, it must be Olive oil based...lol
Anyway 2 coats of red oxide primer on the interior of the truck and all of the trim pieces around the windshield.

Then I spray 2 coates of rattle can Rustoleum Almond paint on all of the trim pieces and a custom mix of Orange on the dash and header.
I used the same mix that I used for my rims of 2 parts of Safety Red and 1 Part of Saftey Yellow both in Rustoleum Oil-Based quarts cans of paint. All thinned with the suggested Acetone a bit just to get it to spray correctly and help it flow out nicely.

I am really happy with the overall finish, the flat top area of the dash has a bit of dust in the paint, but the face looks awesome and came out really nice.

I can NOT wait to start seeing it all come together with the nicely contrasting colors. Once it is back together I will post some pics.

My engine kit should be here in a few days and once I have the dash back together I can start installing my wireing kit...that should be pretty simple, not a whole lot of wiring in a '49 truck, and I will be very close to starting Oscar up and getting him on the road...lets see, tires, upholster the seat, re-arrange the fuel tank to make room for the new MC and booster I installed already, He will be driveable....still alot to do, but driving while finishing it. Exciting....for me anyway.

12-14-2011, 09:05 PM
Always feels good to make some progress. I know what you went through getting all the mouse nest and stuff out of the header panel. I went through the same thing on my truck, it was also full of hickory nuts. I got hundreds of hickory nuts out of the header panel and the seat cushions.
Looking forward to seeing pictures.

12-14-2011, 09:16 PM
you don't have to "wait" to take pics, kelly. i (we) like pics!!! :D

12-14-2011, 09:38 PM

(WE) certainly do like pictures!!!!

One of my least favorite jobs on old cars but it's got to be done. Good job.


12-14-2011, 09:54 PM
I stink at posting pics. It takes me like an hour to post a pic and I did not take any before it got dark. How to post pics has been explained to me many times, it still takes me forever. And then everytime I go to load the pics it downloads all of the pics in my camera, even tho I have only taken 10 new ones. It does not ask me if I only want to down load new ones or whatever....just dumps all 200+ pics...its eating up my pc memory....i gotta figure that out.