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10-31-2011, 06:20 PM
I had pulled my two Golden Hawk models from their dusty roost on an upper shelf and set them on the dining room floor. I was gonna take photos of them so I could try my hand at photoshopping them

With a poof outta nowheres came Salemina. She stood in front of me with that goofy grin. In her scratchy, screechy voice she made her case to me......

She: "Kinda up in yer years to be playin' wit toy cars, ain't chee?"

Me: " They're Scale Models.", I protested. "Hardly toys."

She: "Aha. So them wuz scale motor 'n tire screechin' noises you was makin' with them a few moments ago?"

Me: "Well - ahhhh..."

She: "Well nothin' kid!
Look, I got a proposal ta make ya. I ain' one ah them what can change mah looks. I cain't make mahself look like a toad ner no young princess. I'm stuck lookin' jus like dis. BUT... that don't mean I don' have no magic powers er stuff like that."

Me: "Yeah - so?"

She: "So, I've got a deal for ya. You give ol' Salemina a bit of - quality time - an I'll make them two Golden Hawks REAL. One for you and one for me. Whaddya say?"

Me: "Define quality time."

She: " OH! Stop bein' silly! You know dern well whut I mean by quality time. Does the word intimacy give you a clue?"

"Me: OH NO! What sorta fella do you think I am? GEESH! What a disgusting proposal! Hey, why ME anyways?"

"She: Wellllllllllllllll..... You's got the two cool Golden Hawk models for me to work with, an' besides that, I wanted to approach person as ugly as myself - thinkin' I'd have a better chance on a level playin' field."11931