View Full Version : Engine: 1960 lark 2dr sd (red) 6 cylinder oil leaks

08-17-2011, 05:56 PM
first thanks to all for so much valuable info ... i only have this car about 2 months .. when i first got it it had minor typical leak after being parked for a while ... a few drips here and there ... but i took it to gettysburg ( a 2 hour ride and overdrive not working) and then afterwards i now have a serious oil leak which drips down on the rear passaanger side mostly and seems to be coming from the rear of the engine ... as it sits it seems that about a large shot glass full of oil ends up on the floor ... my first inclination is to suspect the rear main seal but i am asking for any help from those wh know what else it could be ... additionally it now shows a much greater amount of blue/oil smoke especially as i take off from a stop ... thanks ... Bob