View Full Version : Removal of Harmonic Balancer (Vibration Damper)

05-28-2007, 10:58 AM
After spending almost a month trying to figure out how to remove the vibration damper hub from the front of my 259 V-8, I figure out what to do!! For weeks now I have tried to find 5/16 fine thread couplng nuts, to no avail. The shorter bolts on the damper hub were too short to fit in the damper remover. So I thought the coupling nuts would allow me to use another set of bolts to 'extend the reach' of the puller.

What I found was that the hub already has an extra set of threaded holes for two of the damper remover bolts to screw into. This allows the hub to come off as intended.

Sometimes I feel completely ignorant, but I didn't know the two threaded holes were there, apparently to aid in removal of the hub.

The hub puller I used was borrowed from Autozone and is called a Harmonic Balancer Puller, OEM # 27019. Use only two long bolts.

Hope this helps others save some time.:)

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