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06-12-2011, 05:26 PM

This is the 2011 May Drag Race video. It's as complete as I can make it but it unfortunately does not have every car. I hope more video is made public. We did not cut anyone out we just do not have more video then this.
We had a great time both Friday and Saturday. Friday we had a big group make it to the restaurant for dinner and they came over to our place afterwards for pies and fellowship. It was a great group of old and new friends and lots of conversation. I just wish I had taken pictures and videos Friday night.
Saturday morning some met for breakfast around 7:30 before going to the track. We were all lined up at the gate and got in early to set up in the pits. A lot of new people showed up and all went well and no one broke anything. It was a family affair.
The people at the track were great, and thanks to the Brown County Dragway again for letting us play.
Thanks to everyone that came.
Richard and Rose Poe

06-12-2011, 07:27 PM
man, so sorry I couldn't make it down this year. I guess I will just have to spend a little more time tweaking and fixing and come down stronger next year! thanks for the video, Richard!


06-12-2011, 07:49 PM
man, so sorry I couldn't make it down this year. I guess I will just have to spend a little more time tweaking and fixing and come down stronger next year! thanks for the video, Richard! George

Yes, George; we wondered where you were! It's good to know you weren't halfway down from Michigan and laid up with problems along the road or something. BP

Pat Dilling
06-12-2011, 08:39 PM
That looks like a lot of fun, wish it was not so far away, I would come and play too. Thanks for sharing.


06-12-2011, 09:50 PM
Yes George, as Bob P said you made the right decision not to take a chance with that wiring problem. It could be big trouble out on the road. We missed you and will see you next year. I did see your practice runs on YouTube.
Pat that sure would be a long drive.

06-13-2011, 07:54 AM
Great video. Looks like everyone was having a good time. A lot of nice Studes there in action.


Steven and Michelle
06-13-2011, 10:38 AM
Thanks for sharing the video!

06-22-2011, 09:15 AM
This is from our local paper.

Reprinted with permission from the June 8th Brown County Democrat
Racers drag out the ‘60s with Studebakers, Hudsons and an Edsel
For the Brown County Democrat
If you were at or around Brown County Dragway Saturday May 28th you may have thought you had gone back in time to the 1960s.
The sound coming from the drag strip was a little different that day as the Studebakers, Hudsons, and a lone Edsel arrived to drag race with each other on the strip in Bean Blossom, as they have around Memorial Day for the last four years. The predominant marquee was Studebaker with cars coming into Brown County from several states as far south as Florida and even one Canadian province.
You are not alone if you were unaware of Studebaker’s performance history and involvement in drag racing. But even after closing its doors for good in 1966, the Indiana car manufacturer products still compete on drag strips and at Bonneville land speed events to this day.
Diehard owners of orphan cars --- a few live right here in Brown County put their show -- quality antique orphan vehicles through the paces with little regard for the fact that they are racing decades -- old cars well beyond the normal intended use at the time of the manufacture.
Most participants compete with stock as manufactured cars! Rare, early original muscle cars show up to get put to the test, including a couple of Studebaker Super Larks, Avantis, a variety of Hudsons and an Edsel. With them are other original cars and even trucks that participate with a few modified cars.
Calling this a drag race is a stretch, as we don’t race for money or trophies, just time slips, memories and bragging rights --- and oh yes, fun. It’s truly a family thing with sons and dads, brothers or just friends enjoying the opportunity to run down the track in cars older than most spectators in attendance.
Well maybe not all, as Ernest Leatherman brought his 1949 Studebaker half-ton pickup that he restored to perfect original condition. He started things off as the first drive of the day with a run down the track. Ernest is a WWII veteran and was at Normandy on D day and the Battle of the Bulge. It was fitting to have him participate with us on a weekend that honors the fallen military heroes that make it possible to live in a free country.
Richard Poe of Brown County is a Brown County Dragway participant and (past) co-editor of the Brickyard Bulletin newsletter.


Jim Roberts 1963 Avanti R2, and 1953 Champion, Indy Chapter member
Peter Sant 1963 Avanti R2 Peter and Marna drove down from north of Toronto Canada.
Chuck Kern 1963 Avanti R2 Indy Chapter member
Ernest Leatherman 1949 Studebaker half ton pick up
Ken Leatherman Son of Ernest
Ted Harbit 1963 R3 Super Lark, Indy Chapter member
Ray McCollum 1956 Power Hawk
Richard Poe 1963 R1 Super Lark, Indy Chapter member
Phil McGuire 1958 Edsel
Mickey Pearce 1956 half ton pickup came all the way from Florida!
Rick Donahue drove his brother’s cars
Steve Donahue 1955 modified Studebaker
Joe Donahue 1953 modified Studebaker
Ralph Alden 1950 Hudson
Larry Kennedy 1950 Hudson